The main goal of our lab is to understand how the brain supports our ability to temporally organize our memories, as well as how this capacity is affected in cognitive disorders. We use a multi-technique approach, combining inactivation and high-density electrophysiological recordings techniques, as rats perform complex memory tasks (comparable to those used in humans). At this time, our work primarily focuses on investigating the role of the hippocampus and prefrontal cortex in the memory for sequences of events, as well as their functional interactions with associated structures.

Welcome to our lab webpage

03/05/2018    Our first multi-PI R01 with our Drs. Shahbaba and Ombao in Statistics! The goal is to

                      develop novel Bayesian analytical tools for our multidimensional electrophysiological

                      datasets in rodents performing complex memory tasks.

                                    See the story here!

11/12/2017    Murad Aldoghmi, an undergraduate researcher in the lab, presented his first SfN poster

                      this week. Excellent job surviving your first SfN Murad! It’s a rite of passage.  :-)

10/28/2017    Our paper examining nonspatial sequence coding along the CA1 transverse axis is out in

                      Behavioural Brain Research. Congrats Damon (aka Chi-Wing)! Check it out here.

04/24/2017    Mawaheb's undergraduate thesis was the winning paper for Excellent Academic Writing

                      in Science and Technology (an Upper-Division Writing Award)! Congrats Mawaheb!

04/22/2017    Nur Mirza and Murad Aldoghmi presented their poster at the West Coast Biological        

                      Sciences Undergraduate Research Conference (WCBSURC) at Santa Clara University

                      this weekend. They won the Best Poster Award for Neurobiology! Big congrats to Nur and

                      Murad, as well as to Judith for her advising skills!

02/10/2017    Our chapter on “Memory for Space, Time and Episodes” (Asem & Fortin) just came out in

                      Elsevier’s popular “Learning and Memory: A Comprehensive Reference (J. Byrne Editor)”

                      series. Check it out here.

02/07/2017    Our first paper in collaboration with the Shahbaba group at UCI just came out in the         

                      journal Stat. It’s about a new approach to simultaneous decode LFP and spike trains

                      using our hippocampal recording data in rats performing the sequence memory task.

                      Looking forward to a long productive relationship! Check out the paper here.

02/03/2016    Our paper demonstrating nonspatial sequence memory coding in CA1 neurons just   

                      came out in the Journal of Neuroscience. Special thanks to Tim, Sam and Dan for

                      their efforts. It was a long time coming but it was worth it. Hopefully, this is only the

                      beginning of an exciting research program using this approach.

                                  Check out the paper here and the nice feature from the journal here.

08/01/2015    Judith Asem is starting her postdoc in the lab, completing the FortinLab 2.0 reboot.

                      I couldn’t be happier about our team - expect great things over the next few years! ;-)

07/31/2015    Sadly, this is Tim and Leila’s last week in the lab. Tim will be setting up his own lab at

                      Florida International University ( Best of luck in Miami, guys!

07/17/2015    Chi-Wing (Damon) Ng is starting his postdoc in the lab. Welcome Damon!

07/01/2015    Gabriel Elias is starting his postdoc in the lab. Welcome Gabe!

05/29/2015    Leila nailed her thesis defense. Congrats Dr. Feinberg!!!

05/28/2015    Officially received the positive tenure decision from the Chancellor’s office. Special

                      thanks to all lab folks for their hard work over the last 6 years and to my family and        

                      colleagues for their support.

02/25/2015    Our paper showing that the memory for sequences of events is impaired in typical

                      aging (in humans) just came out in Learning & Memory. This is the second paper from

                      our cross-species collaboration with the Stark lab. Hopefully, this approach will become

                      a useful tool for characterizing cognitive trajectories in aging and dementia.   PDF

08/01/2014    The Fortin and Stark labs have been awarded another grant from NSF to support our

                      cross-species work

05/07/2014    Our cross-species sequence memory task paper is out in Hippocampus  PDF

03/07/2014    Leila successfully advanced to PhD candidacy. Congrats Leila!

11/26/2013    Scientific American just published an article on Nate and Tim’s paper. Check out the 

                      article here!

09/30/2013    Our review article has been accepted in Timing and Time Perception. Details to come...

09/29/2013    Rebecca Stevenson is starting her rotation in the lab. Welcome Rebecca!

09/27/2013    Our Letter to the Editor is now published in PNASPDF

08/21/2013    Nate and Tim’s paper just came out in the Journal of Neuroscience. Congrats guys!   PDF

06/14/2013    Our review paper “The Evolution of Episodic Memory” came out in PNASPDF

06/12/2013    Owen received the “Friends of the CNLM Summer Award for Undergraduates” to

                      support his research over the summer. Congrats Owen!

03/07/2013    Clare received the Excellence in Research distinction AND the Dean’s Award for

                      Excellence in Research. Well deserved!!!

01/15/2013    Clare, Andrew, Owen, and Philip were awarded UROP grants for their research

                      proposals. Congrats guys!

05/21/2012    Tim was awarded the prestigious Roger W. Russell Scholar’s Award from the Center for

                      the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (CNLM). Way to go Tim!!!

05/21/2012    Clare was awarded the CNLM summer research undergraduate award! Congrats Clare!

05/19/2012    Clare, Nathan and Stephanie presented a great poster at the UCI UROP symposium.

                      Karthik’s poster received a special nomination. Clare and Anthony also gave excellent

                      oral presentations. Good job guys! [see Pictures]

04/01/2012    The lab has been awarded a 5-year CAREER award from NSF.

03/31/2012    Ourania Petasis is beginning her rotation in the lab. Welcome!

03/03/2012    Anthony won first prize for undergraduate presentations at the 23rd OCGWIS Science    

                      Conference. Congrats Anthony! [see Pictures]

02/03/2012   The lab has been awarded an Alzheimer’s Disease Pilot Project Award from the Center for

                      the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

01/10/2012   Nate, Clare and Stephanie all received UROP awards! Congratulations!

01/04/2012   Andre White is beginning his rotation in the lab. Welcome Andre!

08/22/2011   Congratulations to Leila, Tim and Denise! Their paper has been accepted in

                     Neurobiology of Learning and Memory.   PDF

05/13/2011   Leila successfully defended her master thesis. Congratulations!

05/17/2010   The lab has been awarded a 3-year research grant from the Whitehall Foundation.